COLWINSTON CRAFTERS Spectrum Friendship Banners

We are inviting everyone to come and see our completed wall hangings at the Village Hall on Saturday 30th March from 1.30 to 3.30 and join us for tea and cakes. These wall hangings are going to be exhibited at the Wonderwool show on the Royal Welsh showground at the end of April. 

As a small group of friends we had such fun meeting to knit for last year’s Curtain of Poppies project we didn’t want to stop.  We followed up by knitting hats, scarfs and gloves for the Salvation Army and then things snowballed. Knitting in the  pub and café, we made new friends with new skills, and the plan for the friendship banners was born.  We are friends first, expert crafters, enthusiastic dabblers and complete beginners second. We continue to laugh and learn together.

Like many our village continues to grow and change and we hope our group continues to be a gentle welcome to the community we all enjoy and rely on. We would like to thank Colwinston Community Council and our Village Hall Committee, as well as Adelaide Walker and White Gecko Crafts, all of whom have helped us and of course the Sycamore Pub and Charlie’s Café where many new friends have been made.

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