This is just a short note to all dog owners in the village of Colwinston. The countryside surrounding Colwinston is there for everybody to enjoy responsibly, however it looks as it does because people have farmed it for generations.

We farm at Pwllywrach Farm and our land joins the village to the south and east of the village, we farm beef and sheep. Currently we have 1800 breeding ewes on the farm which are now in lamb ready for the spring. Please be aware that your dogs will scare the sheep if allowed to. This can be extremely stressful to them at any time of year especially from now until lambing time in April.

If you are walking on the footpaths and country lanes surrounding Colwinston please keep control of your dogs and always keep them on their leads in the fields.

Any dog found off the lead, unattended or seen to be chasing or scaring our sheep will be dealt with.



Come on a Monday evening and/or Wednesday morning for Knit and Natter and help make some poppy chains. We are doing these poppies for the display at Wonderwool Wales next April, (see their website curtain of poppies Meet in the Sycamore on a Monday evening 7pm and/or Charlie's coffee shop on a Wednesday morning, 10am to 12 noon. We want more help, anyone who can knit, crochet, sew or even thread needles and help. To date we have already managed over 200. It is very relaxed, lots of chatter, laughter and coffee drinking.


Please can all parent/carers/anyone and everyone be extra vigilant as there seems to be a lot of dog poo not being picked up around the village including outside school and on the field at the Village Hall. Just to remind everyone please pick up after your dog. There is a dedicated dog poo bin at the bottom of the village hall field.

Lots of nasty things can be picked up from Dog Poo which can result in your child/other children/adults losing their sight right up to losing a limb, not to mention the minor stuff like tummy problems!

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