NEXT DELIVERY Just to remind you that our next delivery is on / around 15th November 2019.  We recommend that you FILL UP your tanks. Then, the next planned delivery will be on or around the 15th February 2020.


1st MAY 2018

AA opened the meeting with the introduction of people who manage the Syndicate – the “Barons” - John Lloyd, Brett Clee and Alan Horton followed by the members from O4W – Colin Owens MD, Paul Owens Transport Manager, Melanie Price Syndicate Manager and Ricky Hall Service Manager.

AA informed the meeting that the Syndicate has now been running for approx. 7 years and been with O4W as what we consider to be a “partnership” as we have grown together. O4W is now in its 8th year. We started the Syndicate with 30 members and we are now at 137 covering Colwinston, Llysworney, Llandough, St. Mary Church, Llandow and Coychurch.

AA explained the principle of how we try to run the Syndicate - when oil was more or less predictable in pricing – expensive in Winter, cheap in Summer.  Basically fill your tanks to the brim in August, re-fill in November, order enough in February to get you through to May, and then order enough to get you through to August when you fill your tank to the brim again.  Avoiding buying oil at the most expensive time – December and January. No other company will deliver small order quantities. i.e. less than 500 Litres.

AA then explained what prompted meeting now:-

1          The Syndicate has had the odd couple of problems in the past

2          Last February we had approx. 30 problems which made us Barons take a look at why and we made a list which included:- 


Reliability of deliveries


Delivery of amount of oil that is being asked for.


Price of oil and also ancillaries that are being offered to the Syndicate.


Poor communication


Poor service


Poor scheduling

Following this up the Barons met with Colin and Paul to discuss these points. We found a fundamental error regarding “filling” the tanks. 

AA spoke about his personal experience with the February delivery whereby the driver did not deliver what was asked for.

3          Following our discussions with O4W we believe we have resolved the problem.

It’s fair to say that the majority of the Syndicate are happy with the service from O4W

Brett has drawn up a delivery plan of each village in order to make it easier for the O4W driver to deliver and has passed this on to O4W.

Due to the fact that our Syndicate numbers have increased considerably, people’s expectation of having their delivery on 15th of the month cannot happen.  Deliveries can take up to 2 weeks.  However, if you are running low and think you will run out of oil then O4W will prioritise your delivery.

The meeting was then handed over to O4W for Q&A:-


Colin told of his experiences and time he has been in the oil business and that O4W is now in its 8th year.  It’s very much a family business with all his staff very passionate about the company.


Colin and his team explained the problems with 2 of his drivers causing a lot of disruption with deliveries during an extremely busy period and they have been dealt with.


As we all know, weather wise, we have had a particularly hard start to 2018 andthis compounded with driver problems resulted in poor service, communication



Mr Terry Morgan explained the poor service to the late Mr Dave Vicker and his wife Anita.  Richie explained that following the incident O4W had followed this up with a Waste Management Company and also an Environmental Company to resolve the problem.  Colin has promised to visit Anita personally to explain the problem and apologise for the inconvenience.


Liz Stone has had problems with drivers with no keys for her tank.  Each driver will carry keys in the future.


Pamela Haines has had a problem with her lock on her tank for a number of years.  Ricky will resolve this issue.


Mr Fred Gibson requested that if possible, could he be informed on what day he would receive his oil.  O4W will telephone him prior to delivery.


Colin went into great detail regarding the difficulty of pricing oil as it varies by the hours of each day!!  The oil price “season” seems to be changing as it looks like it may be cheaper to buy oil in the winter than summer.  This is due to mainly aviation fuel which is the same as our household fuel.  More people travelling by air during the summer months therefor driving the price of fuel up.  We will have to keep monitoring closely the way we plan and order our oil.


Colin also told us to be wary of companies offering a discount on bulk orders.  In his experience, this will happen on the first occasion then the price will increase substantially following on.

The Future


We will have 2 dedicated drivers to supply our Syndicate.  This will result in more reliable deliveries.


O4W will use the delivery plan that Brett has drawn up.


Ticket issues to the drivers will be clear when customers ask for their tanks to be filled.


The syndicate contact at O4W is Melanie Price – 02920 674910           



O4W will continue with the discount of £14.00 for boiler servicing indefinitely for syndicate members. As long as that member is buying oil from O4W.


O4W are offering, free of charge, the supply and fitting of the new Watchman Pro.  (Normal cost £220.00)  This is a high-tech monitoring system of oil in your tank and accurate to within 10 Litres. If any Syndicate member is interested, then please contact Brett who will co-ordinate your request.  Brett’s details are - 

Home No.01656 766893  Mobile No. 07780 993196


The Watchman Pro equipment will remain the property of O4W and will be removed should the Syndicate member leave the Syndicate or stop buying oil from O4W.

Before closing the meeting, the Barons have asked Syndicate members to keep them informed of any future issues.

AA thanked everyone for their attendance and the meeting closed.

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